Model Number:   I2C-OCX

Picture of OCX control

I2C OCX Control    

For Visual Basic 
6.0 or Net


 works with Labview 

NO SPECIAL Hardware Interface Required 
Just a "LPT1:" Parallel Port CARD for your PC

ONLY SOFTWARE and a CABLE with 2 Diodes to make your I2C work !!!

This is simple get the job done type software...! 
Runs any standard slave I2C device that operates on 5 Volts 
Read or Write / H1 H2 H3 H4 cards / EEPROMS / Temp IC's / Power Ic's / ETC.... 

  • Specifications

    • Software Works with Windows  98 / 2000 / NT / XP / Standard or Professional versions

    • I2C Interface Engine for bi-directional parallel ports

    • Requires Visual Basic 6.0 or NET to use OCX control / ( This is a PAY PER USE control )

    • Requires LPT1: Port to be set to HEX 378 address ( must be a bi-directional port  ECP or EPP Ver 2.0+)

    • Hardware Required: Customer made cable, see wiring diagram below

    • Hardware support;  LPT1 ports can support I2C devices direct without a buffer or port expander

    • 8 Bit Bus Support of all I2C - I/O Functions to parallel port

    • ( 255 ascii charters length / 127 HEX charters length ) 

    • MTx ( I2C Master Transmit ) OCX controlled by external  VB FORM

    • MRx ( I2C Master Receive )  OCX controlled by external  VB FORM

    • Input.Text (I2C input in HEX or ASCII) OCX controlled by external  VB FORM

    • Output.Text (I2C output in HEX or ASCII ) OCX controlled by external VB FORM

    • MTxMRx ( I2C Master Transmit / Master Receive) OCX controlled by external VB FORM

    • I2C Delay Timing Mode OCX control by external VB FORM

    • Operation Status Window / No OCX I/O control from FORM

    • Unlimited use of OCX Control in software programming, using VB 6.0 & NET

    • Cable Schematic: I2C Interface Cable ( Customer Built Cable ) for I2C devices.

    • This OCX control works like the I2C-RTD control except your Visual Basic FORM can interface to it

    • Software will not run over a network. ( Local PC Operation Only ) XP / Win2000 / NT requires Administrator Priv's

    • Software Lock & ID Code for each computer or hard drive ( ID must be E-mailed to Executive Engineering)

    • Includes 1 User License for development

    • Note!!!  This OCX control is a PAY FOR USE control... any software developed for export to another system 
      requires the ( USER / Computer / Hard Drive ) to pay a License Fee to Executive Engineering, see license below.

       PLEASE READ: >  License of  I2C-OCX Control  <
The OCX module is a PAY PER INSTALL control may install it on your computer and write your executable code. Any customer you distribute the software to will have to pay for the use of the module. 
Executive Engineering  gives you the right to use the module as many times as you want.  However each computer / hard drive, you or your customer installs the software on will be require to pay a one time LICENSE FEE for that computer or hard drive the software is installed on. Your customers & you have unlimited use of the software, the license never expires. 

You / or Your Customer can pay  we  ( E-mail the UNLOCK KEY CODE to you / your customer) 
License is $4.95   (users) / Developer Price $29.50  ( Zipped file size 2.2 Meg E-Mailed to you!)
Diodes for cable are $1.00    each, 2 diodes required for each cable.

Please note:  we  do not  accept orders from free web based email accounts like, 
yahoo,  hotmail,  msn,  myplace,  google
(GMAIL), etc.


Only the original purchaser / developer may distribute the I2C-OCX control. This also allows the purchaser a one time user fee included in the price of the software. All OCX controls must be registered with Executive Engineering or they will not work.  

A Note to would be HACKERS, if you disassemble this code will find that this is so complicated it will not make much sense,  you need the documentation to understand what is going on. 

For corporations / developers that want unlimited use &  a unlocked version of software (source code or the module)  $4990.95 Unlocked corporation versions can be used on any LPT: port addresses.



Windows Software:   The I2C BUS can be controlled on an Internal CPU I2C bus ONLY with a windows system (ie. API windows software only running I2C devices attached to the CPU). Any EXTERNAL control of  I2C requires some kind of  hardware port, these ports  can not  be accessed by VB unless you use a DLL hardware port driver (ie. RS232, LPT ). You should not use USB to run a LPT port, you need a real hardware port or hardware port card & the software for the DLL must have in line Kernel Mode (ASM code) to access  the port.     Note:  This requires a real hardware DRIVER that will require system privileges and a "Driver.SYS" (ASM code) file also!    If you want to run at 3.3 volts you will need a voltage down/up converter of some type to run the I2C device, all old type ports are meant to run at 5 Volts (LPT or RS232). 



Windows Software:   64 bit HARDWARE PC Mother Boards with dual CPU processors.  Will NOT run any DOS based system software ( 95, 98, ME )  
Dual Processors or Dual Processors Chip CPUs... will only run with windows 2000, XP & XP64.  Yes, our software will work on these systems.



Consulting is $55.00 for each half hour.  Pay by   Save yourself a lot of time and money, you have questions? We have Answers!.


Learning I2C ???    need to play with the hardware...! LOOK HERE

In Stock!

Boards for Learning I2C

The EE-PSC controls & monitors most high end power supplies by just hooking up control signals from the power supply to the unit. This allows your power supply to be controlled & monitored remotely by a digital data I2C bus controller, from a remote computer location. 



Our SOURCE CODE is for sale (well documented code VB & C++ ) of the I2C-RTD / I2C-OCX, this includes the full I2C communication engine (VB) + DLL interface hardware driver source code (C++) this code will work with third party PCI LPT cards on any port number as well as any pin I/O numbers, both DLL & Communication Engine can be fully modified. 
Please Note: The communication code is very complicated to make I2C work, you need to have a full understanding of I2C communications for code modification of the module.
The I2C Engine Communication Module is 100% software (VB) inputs and outputs can be done in HEX or ASCII codes only, I2C Engine Module will run SLAVE I2C devices only.
No special hardware is required other than a hardware parallel port, the software can run on any windows platform (95,98,ME,2000,XP) You can not run the software across a server.. 
CALL for price, do not e-mail us for the source code price


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       I2C is a trade mark of Philips
           Labview is a trade mark of national instruments

I2C-OCX can not be used for Window 7 or Windows 8.0