Just Learning I2C

Telecom I2C Controller for Power Supplies

The EE-PSC controls most high end power supplies by just hooking up control signals from the power supply to the unit. This allows your power supply to be monitored / controlled remotely by a digital data I2C bus host controller, from a remote location. Testing, temperature, voltages, signals and alarm set-points or resetting the power supply. No need to do a field visit to see if the power supply is working. The EE-PSC can be configured for different addresses from just one I2C data bus. You can program a serial number into the each unit. There is no guess work. The EE-PSC follows all standard I2C commands and protocol. You can use external 5 volts supplied from another power supply to power the module.  Monitor voltage range is 3.3 48 +/- volts primary output.  AUX monitor voltage + 5 Vdc. There are 7 TTL I/O signal lines that can be use for any type of TTL communications.

PCF8574AT  (I2C serial to parallel I/O) PDF-File
LM75CIMT-5 (I2C temperature sensor) PDF-File
LM80CIMT-5 (I2C power supply + fan control +voltage and trip measurements + tempeature) PDF-File

Electronic PDF Schematic  block diagram for EEPSC telecom PCB

  • Features Include:

  • Power Supply Inhibit: TTL signal, sink or source

  • Power Supply Aux: TTL signal (5 volt analog)

  • AC Power Good : TTL signal, sink or source

  • DC Power Good : TTL signal, sink or source

  • Fault Signal: TTL signal, sink or source 

  • Margin Signal 1: TTL signal, sink or source

  • Margin Signal 2: TTL signal, sink or source

  • Selectable pull-up resistors TTL (5Vdc 10K for open collector IC's)

  • Fan Tack Fault 1: Analog Input / read back (frequency/pulse rate)

  • Fan Tack Fault 2: Analog Input / read back (frequency/pulse rate)

  • Selectable Dividers Resistors (V1 Analog Input) 3.3-48.0 Vdc

  • Voltage input (V3) / read back 0-2 Vdc extended range with dividers resistors ( optional)

  • Primary Voltage Output (source): Voltage input / read back (V1)

  • Aux Voltage Output (source): Voltage input / read back (5.0 Vdc V2)

  • Alarm Set Point Upper:  (V1) (V2) (V3) (Fan Tack 1&2) (Air Temperature Monitor) (V4 if used)

  • Alarm Set Point Lower: (V1) (V2) (V3) (Fan Tack 1&2) (Air Temperature Monitor) (V4 if used)

  • Air Temperature Monitor (-25 to 100C) 

  • EEprom (256 x 8) serial number (random or serial I/O)

  • I2C communications slave mode only (standard 5Vdc signal type,  speed 1-100Khz ) 

  • Selectable addressing of module, seven address locations / module  ( 000-111 ) this is connector programmable

  • 7 Module Control / I2C Bus Connection (seven module on one I2C host  bus)

  • External DC Power 5Vdc (Isolation Required)

  • Operation Temperature Range  -25C to + 85C

  • Connectors for signal hook-up (2x20 pin stake type pins)

  • High Noise Immunity

  • Sink Current TTL (10 ma) Maximum all TTL

  • Source Current TTL (0. 5 ma)  standard /optional 10ma max. 

  • Optional / Over Temperature Alarm (analog signal alarm )

  • Size:  W 2.1 x L 4.5 x H 1.75

  • Mounting Holes:  4 x #6 screws

  • ICs: PCF8574AT / M24C01 / LM75CIMT-5 / LM80CIMT-5 /

  • Learn I2C communication by building what you need from a bare board. 

( Populated Board / Schematics / Parts List / Layout comes as shown )

Solder on the IC's you need to test and program.

Good for  I2C PCF8574AT(serial to parallel I/O) / M24C01(most I2C EEPROMs) /I2C  LM75CIMT-5 (temperature sensor) / I2C LM80CIMT-5 (power supply + fan control +voltage and trip measurements + tempeature) Runs on 5 Volts DC

Comes as shown Schematic + Layout - No IC's (Populated Board)
Great for learning I2C


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