Model Number: EE105T-xx 

EE105T Analog Control for Electronic Loads

Analog Control Cable
for Electronic Loads 



Made in USA, CASS Tested!







The EE105T pre-wired bias power cable is designed to be used with the EE301xx & EE151xx series electronic loads. The cable allows you to connect the electronic load to a regulated 12Vdc bias power supply for operation of the electronic circuits in the load or by moving a wire use the 15-24 Volts unregulated input. The ( D to A ) cable allows the input of the electronic load to be connected through this cable allowing you to externally adjust the current from you D to A Card or other external circuit to the electronic load.


 The cable also allows you to monitor both the current loading of the electronic load and the voltage input to the electronic load. The cable also has the ability to be keyed so it can not be put in reverse for protection of the electronic loads circuits. The cable length is 8" long.   
Plus 12 Vdc goes to ( pin 20 Red Wire) or
Plus 15-24 goes to ( pin 4 Red Wire)    

Return 12 Vdc goes to (pin 2 Black Wire)   

Pin 10 Constant Current Control 0-4 Volts = 0  to FS Current Electronic Load



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 Model: EE105T-12  (12 volt operation)
 Model: EE105T-14  (14-24 volt operation)
accessories:  power Supply   
 EE301-PWR  External 115 Vac Power unit to 18 Vdc / low noise power supply (75mV p-p)