Crimp Tool for Electronic Load Connectors

First, this tool is the best keep secret in the world
You can use this tool on all ---> EE300xx & EE301xx & EE151xx

I can tell you first-hand that this tool can crimp all
kinds of pins. The tool is not even meant to crimp Bergburg pins
receptacles but works almost as good as the correct tool
and you can do it ten times faster & this tool is four times
less costly. The Correct Tool from BERG is an HT-95 $590.00 Apx.  

The tool I recommend is from Amphenol    crimp tool
You can get this tool at the following address
Please note that this tool is NC / NR

Amphenol Tool Number is #357-574
Cost is $110.00 USD

Amphenol Canada Corp., 20 Melford Drive
Scarborough, Ontario, Canada
M1B 2XB   Phone: 416-291-4401 / Fax: 416-292-0647

You can also get the tool from NEWARK ELECTRONIC / $170.00 in stock

Homepage: Http://